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(Solved) Chapter 10 IT Essentials 2 1. If you have Windows Firewall set

I need help with the following assignment. All answers can just be highlighted in yellow if they are multiple choice. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Chapter 10


IT Essentials 2



1. If you have Windows Firewall set not to allow any exceptions and keep all ports closed, which of the following


activities will be allowed, and which will not be allowed? Provide explanation for each.


a. You receive e-mail.


b. You receive an MSN Messenger notice that a friend wants to have a chat session with you.


c. Your antivirus software informs you a new update has just been downloaded and installed.


d. You log into the computer from a remote location on the Internet using Remote Desktop.


2. Your organization has set up three levels of data classification accessed by users on a small network:


a. Low security: Data in the C:\Public folder


b. Medium security: Data in a shared folder that some, but not all, user groups can access.


c. High security: Data in a shared and encrypted folder that requires a password to access The folder is


shared only to one user group.


Classify each of the sets of data:


a. Directions to the company Fourth of July party


b. Details of an invention made by the company president that has not yet been patented


c. Resumes presented by several people applying for a job with the company


d. Payroll spreadsheets


e. Job openings at the company


3. You work in the Accounting Department and have been using a network drive to post Excel spreadsheets to


your workgroup file server as you complete them. When you attempt to save a spreadsheet to the drive, you


see the error message: ?You do not have access to the folder ?J:\?. See your administrator for access to this


folder.? What should you do first? Second? Explain your choices.


a. Ask your network administrator to give you permission to access the folder.


b. Check the Network window to verify that you can connect to the network.


c. Save the spreadsheet to your hard drive.


d. Using Windows Explorer, remap the network drive.


e. Reboot your PC.


4. Search through your spam and junk mail for an e-mail you think might be a hoax. (Please don?t click any links


or open any attachments as you search.) Using the following Web sites, search for information about this


potential hoax. You might need to enter the subject line in the e-mail message into the search box on the Web


site. Give a brief summary below of your findings.





Chapter 10


IT Essentials 2


5. Go to the Mozilla Web site ( and download and install Firefox (if you do not already have this


browser). Use it to browse the Web. How does it compare to Internet Explorer? What do you like better about


it? What do you not like as well? When might you recommend to someone that they use Firefox rather than


Internet Explorer? Also, download the FoxFilter plug-in from the Mozilla site and install it. What are the


differences between FoxFilter and the IE content filter?


6. Microsoft offers a password checker for users to know the strength of their passwords. To use the utility, go to


the Microsoft Website at and search for ?Password Checker?. Use this free Microsoft


utility to verify that a password you have made up is a strong password. Based on the measure of the strength


of several of your passwords, what do you think the password checker is looking for?


7. Forgotten passwords can be a messy problem if you have not made a password reset disk. If you have


forgotten your password for a Windows user account, you can log into an administrator account to reset it. If


you don?t know a password for any Windows account, or an administrator account, here are some password


recovery utilities that can help. Research each utility and describe its approach to helping with forgotten


passwords and how much the utility costs. Which of the three utilities would you select for purchase and why?


Ophcrack by phpBB Group at


Active Password Changer at


Windows Password Reset at




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