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(Solved) Group Project - Part I Kim's Flower Inc. Purchasing

Please prepare the REA diagram only for the attached .

Group Project ? Part I


Kim?s Flower Inc. Purchasing (Expenditure) Cycle






Based on the narrative below, your team should follow steps 1-7 of the event oriented REA


modeling (covered in chapter 8) for constructing REA and DFD diagrams. You should complete the


attached table describing the list of attributes for each entity. Use underline to indicate the identifier


of each entity.





Your team should submit completed REA and DFD diagrams for Kim?s Flower Inc. You may want


to use a free trial version of the online diagramming tool or any other


drawing program of your choice that allows you to export your diagrams in a commonly readable


digital format (e.g., MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, images, etc.). Note that a 30 day free trial


of the Gliffy Premium account allows you to save your diagrams as JPEG images. Another possible


option is a freely available Dia:





If you identify more Resources/Events/Agents than needed, NO points will be deducted!





All students are required to equally participate in the project and may be called upon to present any


part of the project.





Kim?s Flower Inc. is operated by Kim Burke, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and her associated


employees. She has decided to develop a database system to track her purchases, floral inventory, accounts


payable, and cash payments. However, she does not have time to do the development herself. Therefore, she


has hired you and your team members to design and implement the system (i.e., flower purchasing system)


for her. She describes the requirements of her system as follows:


Whenever flowers are needed, a purchasing clerk prepares a purchase order by completing a purchase order


form. The purchase order form includes purchase order number, order date, item number, quantity ordered,


order price, employee number (preparer), employee number (authorizer), and vendor number. To


accommodate all of floral needs, the purchasing clerk may need to prepare several purchase orders, as Kim?s


Flower Inc. orders flowers from several vendors. Also, a purchase order can be made for several types of


flowers from a single vendor. When the purchase order form is prepared, the purchasing clerk forwards the


form to the CEO, Kim Burke, who approves the order. The approved purchase order then sends to a




When the order is received, a warehouse department clerk inspects the quality of flowers and verifies the


quantity of flowers based on the purchase order and the packing slip included in the shipment. The clerk then


prepares a receiving report, forwards the report to an accounting payable clerk for payment process, and


updates inventory records. The receiving report includes receipt number, receipt date, quantity received, item


condition, purchase order number, employee number (receiver), and vendor number. Also, an invoice is


delivered to the accounts payable clerk from the vendor.


At the end of each month, the accounts payable clerk prepare an purchase order payment form for all


amounts charged through the end of the month by verifying invoices, purchase orders, and receiving reports.





The purchase order payment form includes payment number, payment date, payment amount, employee


number (preparer), employee number (authorizer), receipt number, vendor number, and account number.


The form is then forwarded to the CEO. When the CEO authorizes the payment form, the accounts payable


clerk prepares a check and mails it to the vendor. Finally, a monthly summary report of purchase orders and


payments is prepared for each month and forwarded to the CEO.




Prepare an REA diagram describing Kim?s Flower Inc.?s database. You may repeat a box for an


individual entity if necessary to make your drawing neat. Kim would like for you to consider that,


eventually, as new stores are opened, she will have store managers in each store that will perform the


tasks she now performs. As a result, the system should be planned to always store information about


the employee associated with transactions, whether that employee enters information, performs a


task (such as delivery) or formally authorizes the transaction.


Hints: (1) Each item on a floral receipt may be from a different purchase order. Different items


on a single purchase order may be received at different times using different receipts.


(2) Each check may pay for several receipts. However, a single receipt will always be


paid for using the same check.





Prepare the context diagram and the level 0 DFD.







For the list of attributes for each entity, complete the table in the ?TeamNumber-Part1-Attributes


.docx.? Use underline to indicate the identifier of each entity.





All REA and DFD diagrams should be in a digital format (e.g., MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Visio or





Submit two files. Be sure to change the file name using your team number. For example, my MS Word


file for the table would be ?Team10-Part1-Attribtues.docx,? and MS PowerPoint file (if you are using MS


PowerPoint) for REA and DFD diagrams would be ?Team10-Part1-Diagrams.pptx.?






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