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(Solved) candidate for this internship. Internship Application

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candidate for this internship.



Internship Application Process



In order to apply for this internship, you will need to create a webpage using to share why you feel you would be a good candidate for this


intern position. For help with using, visit the Beginner?s Guide to Weebly and


the ECE 101 Sample Weebly.


On your web page, please be sure to address the following points in five separate tabs:










Early Childhood Center



Tab 1: My Profile


Autobiography ? Complete a brief autobiographical sketch of yourself including your


experience working with children and an explanation of your desire to work in the field of


early childhood education.


Career Goals ? Describe your career goals for working in the field of Early Childhood




Preferred Age Group ? Describe the age range of children you prefer to work with including


yourrationale for choosing this group.


Tab 2: My Philosophy


Theory ? Discuss your beliefs about how young children learn. Explain which theory(ies)


you mostconnect with in regard to children?s learning.


Approach to Teaching ? Explain which teaching approach (Montessori, Reggio, etc.) you


most alignwith.


Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) ? Explain what the term developmentally


appropriatepractice means to you.


Tab 3: My Practice


Developmental Domains ? Describe the developmental domains in which you have the


strongestfoundation. Discuss how this internship experience would strengthen your


understanding ofdevelopmental domains. Please be specific.



Home-School Partnerships ? Discuss your role in developing strong home-school


partnerships. Providespecific examples of strategies you would use. Discuss how this


internship experience wouldstrengthen your ability to develop home-school partnerships.


Trends/Issues ? Analyze one current or historical trend/issue in ECE by explaining its


influence andimpact on the field. Discuss how this internship experience would strengthen


your understanding ofthis trend or issue.


National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) ? Summarize how you


would uphold NAEYC?s Professional Preparation Standards throughout your internship.


Tab 4: Additional Resources


Throughout the course, you have utilized different resources to support your thinking in


the discussionforums and when working on your assignments. Include at least three


resources that you feel arebeneficial to you as you grow as an early childhood educator


within this tab. Remember theseresources are different than the ones you included in your


references tab as they were not citeddirectly throughout your Weebly site. The resources


included in this tab might be links to helpfulwebsites, activities you have found that you


would like to use in your future classroom, or scholarlyresources.


Tab 5: References


Include APA-formatted citations for all sources used throughout your Weebly site. See the


"Requirements? below for more information.


Requirements Length and Organization: Your responses must thoroughly address each


bulleted topic listed above. Each topic should be addressed within its own textbox with the


topic heading at the top of the box. Please view the ECE 101 Sample Weebly to see how to


organize your information.


References: All in-text citations that are used throughout your application need to be


properly formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. You will


need to utilize your textbook and at least three scholarly sources from the Ashford


University Library in your application. You will need to cite these scholarly sources


throughout your Final Project and include them under your References tab that will serve as


your reference



page. Again, remember that if a scholarly source is listed on the reference page, the source


must also be used within the content of your web page.


Design: In order to enhance your application and make it visually appealing:



Include at least one picture of yourself on your Profile tab and at least one relevant image


(picture or graphic) per tab.Other helpful hints:


oInclude best practices for visual design (font size, font color, image size and clarity).


oYou are encouraged to use videos, Prezi presentations, Glogster presentations, or


othermultimedia (but this is not a requirement) to enhance the content you include for each




Submission To submit your web page, copy and paste the URL into a Word document and


upload the Word document through the Assignment Submission button in the online




If you are unable to create a page on for accessibility reasons,


please reach out to your instructor.




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