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(Solved) A lot of studies have shown that cystic fibrosis

Question 1A lot of studies have shown that cystic fibrosis is more common among all light-skinned or caucasian individuals. Based on these, when Dr. X suspected 2 patients (one black one, one white) possibly having this disease based on initial interviews, he spends more time and does more tests for cystic fibrosis with the white patient than with the black patient. This kind of discrimination is called a.taste discriminationb.efficient statistical discriminationc.inefficient statistical discriminationd.none of the above 3 points Question 2The policy that Dwyane got will have a "q" less than the difference between his incomes when he is healthy and when he is sick. Also the insurer will earn positive profits from this policy. This policy can be described asa.full and fairb.full and unfairc.partial and faird.partial and unfaire.none of the above3 points Question 3What do studies reveal concerning the July effect caused by medical interns?a.There is no July effectb.There is a July effect but only in the field of surgeryc.Result from a study with more than a million observations: On the average, there is a July effect across specialtiesd.In the U.S it is more of an August effecte.instead of a July effect interns cause a Lazarus effect3 points Question 4The Rand study showed thata.lower coinsurance rates do not affect amount or % of emergency careb.higher coinsurance rates are related to higher amount or % of emergency carec.higher coinsurance rates are related to lower amount or % of emergency cared.lower coinsurance rates are related to lower amount or % of emergency care3 points Question 5Given 3 companies in an industry, the total sales from C1 = $2,000. The sales from C3 = $4,000. The share of C1 = 20% and C2 = $40%. Solve for the HH Indexa.0.36b.0.2c.0.4d.not enough information givene.none of the above3 points Question 6Subject: Health as investmentEverything else equal, if health depreciation rate decreases, equilibrium Health levela.increaseb.decreasec.not changed.cannot be determined3 points Question 7If demand for coffee is found to be inelastic what would be possible reason(s) for this?a.there are many items considered as coffee substitutes to choose fromb.there are very very few items available considered as alternatives to is addictived.b and c3 points Question 8Which of the following is/are true?a.there is no uncertainty in health careb.recessions have significant impact in increasing Medicare enrolleesc.Since the 70s the share of Medicaid as a% of total health expenditures has been decreasingd.all of the abovee.none of the above3 points Question 9SUBJECT: Health as an input to productionUsing the PPF to look at the tradeoff between health and leisure goods (Z), its more realistic shape would be a.a downward-sloping straight lineb.downward-sloping curved linec.half circle facing upd.half circle facing downe.upward-sloping curved line3 points Question 10When abdominoplasty costs were $6,000, Dr. Hurwitz treated 300 patients. When they dropped the price to $5,000, customers increased to 400.What is the elasticity of demand for abdominoplasty using arc elasticity or the midpoints formula (rounded-off)?a.- 0.64b.- 0.01c.- 1.57d.all of the above are possible


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