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(Solved) UOP BSCOM/100 Week 3

Week Three Small Team Experience During week three you have the choice to do one of the following assignments (either option 1 or 2). This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment – there are no Learning Team assignments this week. This individual assignment, designed to address a small team or small team experience, is worth 15 points of your total grade. Option 1: Small Team or Group Paper Recall a small team or group you have been a part of. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper about your experience. Provide a brief description of the team or group. How many members did it include? What was its purpose? Describe the behaviors the team or group exhibited as it went through each stage of development. Describe a problem the team or group encountered. What steps were taken to address and solve the problem? Was the team or group able to generate a successful solution? Why or why not? Discuss the influence that leadership—or the lack of leadership—had on the team’s or group’s ability to solve the problem. What style of leadership did the leader exhibit? What problem-solving steps were taken to resolve the situation? What steps would have produced better results? Explain whether the team or group was effective. Support your position by discussing goals, roles, ground rules, norms, and characteristics your team or group displayed. How did these characteristics affect the team’s or group’s ability to accomplish its purpose and solve the problem it encountered? Analyze how communication contributed to cohesiveness. Identify and address how diversity or technology affected the team or group members’ ability to communicate with one another to reach a resolution. Explain your thoughts on how goals, roles, ground rules, and norms help determine effectiveness. How did these characteristics affect the team’s or group’s ability to accomplish its purpose and solve the problem? Format: - Your paper should be consistent with APA guidelines. - You must use three (or more) sources, and properly cite them, in your paper. One must be from your text this week. Option 2:Small Team Training Presentation Identifya common problem you have seen in a team environment. Create a training presentation that you will “present” to a team. You will pretend you are a Team Training Expert and use this presentation as a guide to help motivate and educate the team you are working with. Createa multimedia presentation that effectively explains common team problems and ways to work through them, using Microsoft PowerPoint. Be sure to use examples… and don’t be afraid to have activity slides that would allow your audience to participate. For example, if you have done a fun team building activity, explain it and use it as a slide. Be creative! It’s important that you include graphics, charts, etc as necessary to clearly express your objectives. The presentation should be 8-12 slides long. You must include speaker’s notes that “replace” what you would say during the presentation if it was being presented in real life. You must use three (or more) sources, and properly cite them, in your paper. One must be from your text this week.


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