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(Solved) MGT-121 Financial markets make it possible for companies

MGT-121 Test Prep #3 Chapters 10-14 Name__________________________ 1. Financial markets make it possible for companies to obtain financial resources. a. True b. False 2. Credit unions are the most common depository institutions. a. True b. False 3. Investment banks are usually divisions of huge bank holding companies that also own commercial banks. a. True b. False 4.The purpose of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was to stabilize the nations’s banking system a. True b. False 5. The Securities Act of 1933 created the Federal Reserve System to serve as the central bank in the United States a. True b. False 6. The Glass-Steagall Act established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. a. True b. False 7. Companies use event marketing when they sponsor sporting, cultural, or charitable events. a. True b. False 8. The marketing concept holds that delivering unmatched value to customers is the only effective way to achieve long-term profitability. a. True b. False 9. Customer relationship management is the ongoing process of acquiring, maintaining, and growing profitable relationships by delivering unmatched value. a. True b. False MGT-121 Test Prep #3 Chapters 10-14 Name__________________________ 10.Value is based on a customer’s perception that a product has a better relationship between t he cost and the benefits than its competitors. a. True b. False 11. When it comes to creating customer satisfaction, perceived value is just as important as actual value. a. True b. False 12.One benefit of achieving consumer loyalty is that consumers may be willing to forgive a com pany’s mistakes. a. True b. False 13.The perishability of services means that providers cannot store them for delivery at peak periods. a. True b. False 14. Core benefits are provided by augmentations to the actual product. a. True b. False 15. Sam wants to buy a new computer. He is leaning toward buying a model produced by the company FastPace because he likes the fact that it has a two-year warranty, and he has heard good things about the company’s customer phone support and website. Sam’s choice appears to be influenced by the augmented benefits offer by FastPace. a. True b. False 16. Margo decides to join Tone-It-Up Fitness in an effort to become physically fit. The core benefit Margo is seeking revolves around her desire to become more physically fit. a. True b. False 17. Product augmentations help sharpen the competitive edge of products. a. True b. False 18. Consumers buy convenience products frequently and with limited consideration. a. True b. False MGT-121 Test Prep #3 Chapters 10-14 Name__________________________ 19. First-line managers often need a high degree of technical skills. a. True b. False 20.The most basic needs required for survival, such as food and shelter, are called physiologica l needs in Maslow’s hierarchy. a. True b. False 21. Theory X managers typically assume that work is as natural as play or rest, and workers do not inherently dislike it. a. True b. False 22. Theory Y managers tend to believe that workers usually lack the intelligence and motivation to perform complex jobs. a. True b. False 23. Theory X managers believe that fear is a motivating factor for workers. a. True b. False 24.. Autonomy is one of the essential factors for job enrichment. a. True b. False 25. According to the job enrichment principle, it is important that workers understand the impact of their work on others. a. True b. False


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