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(Solved) The following project is at the end of its third week. Find the

Can you do a reply for these 2 weather you agree or not ? 3-4 sentences

1)What is the conceptual definition of American Indians, and how do we count who is an American Indian (operational definition)?

American Indians are indigenous people located throughout the United States. Most people reflect on their ancestry to find the roots or to self-identify themselves. For an individual who perceives himself or herself to be an American Indian, the process is defined by legalistic language. Recognized tribes establish a standard of ancestry, or what some tribes call ?blood quantum? to determine who is tribal member or ?enrolled? as on the ?tribal rolls. (Schaefer 2015:154)

What did the Indian Removal Act of 1830 do to Indians? Which Indian nations were forced to relocate to today?s Oklahoma? Why was their experience of relocation call the ?Trail of Tears??

?The Indian Removal Act of 1830, called for the relocation of all Eastern tribes across the Mississippi River. The Indian nations forced to relocate to today?s Oklahoma were the five tribes of the Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Seminole. The experience of the relocation was called the ?Trail of Tears? because the tribes were forced out of their ancestral lands under the harshest conditions. This was all due to poor planning, corrupt official?s, little attention to those ill from a variety of epidemics, inadequate supplies, and the deaths of several thousand Native Americans characterized the forced migration.?  (Schaefer 2015:144)  

Schaefer does a good job in telling the story of the Native Americans, however books always seem to pretty up the actual truth.  The part of the reading that was the most interesting to me was the ?Speaking Out? segment, where Schaefer discusses that a Holocaust Museum of the Indigenous People Should Be Built at Wounded Knee? (2015:151) This was most interesting because I read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee when I was younger. Reading this chapter reminds me of the sorrow, cries of anger and confusion I felt after reading the book. As an African American I am all too familiar with unfair treatment toward a group of people. In my viewpoint there should be a Holocaust Museum. History does not give us the true history of what really happened. ?Those who wrote the history of the settlement of these lands often reduced the numbers of deaths because they were so high that it would make the invaders of this land appear in history as bloodthirsty barbarians. No culture wants to be remembered like this.? (Schaefer 2015:151) As a nation we preach liberty, yet have taken it from the Native Americans. We preach fairness, but have been unfair to the Native Americans and so many groups of people. We talk of an American dream, but make it impossible for so many to achieve it. I love American History, but the dark spots on this countries reputation will never be forgotten. ?What happened to the Native people everywhere in the Western Hemisphere is one of the most shameful chapters in the history of mankind on this planet called earth.? (Schaefer 2015:151)


When Christopher Columbus miscalculated the direction and the distance of his travel, He landed in different part of the world. He was aiming for India but landed in North America. Since he called the people there the people of India, Native American are now known as Indian Americans. American Indian is a person who is born in one of the different Indian tribes of America. Navajo, Choctaw, Cherokee are some of the examples. These people were scattered all over America before the Europeans landed here.

After I watched the video "We Are Still Here", I found the current situation of the native Americans who are struggling to preserve their language, customs, rituals, religion and the heritage. Native Americans have diminished in number but are growing. The nativeAmericans had a hard time trying to assimilate with the rest of the Americans. Keeping the culture intact is not an easy task. And the horror and exploitations the native American kids went through have caused serious problems such as alcoholism and gambling. But there are people who are working very hard to unite and keep up the tradition and passing it along to the newer generation. These people have worked collectively. Pan-Indianism have helped to create a voice against harsh government policies and demands of better ones.

 respond to at least (2) of your classmates? posts, in a substantive manner.


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