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(Solved) can you answer 3,4,5 which are related to case 1.1 which are in

can you answer  3,4,5 which are related to case 1.1 which are in pg.43

2. How does the project you are studying ?t the de?nition of a project?


3. What kind of project management is used?program, product, matrix, pure, or


other? Explain. Is it called ?project management,? or something else?


4. What kind of role does the project manager have?expeditor, coordinator, pure


project, or matrix manager? Explain. What is his or her title?



Case 1.1



Disaster Recovery at Marshall





Early one morning, basements in Chicago?s downtown central business district began to ?ood.


A hole the size of an automobile had developed


between the river and an adjacent abandoned tunnel. The tunnel, built in the early 1900s for transporting coal, runs throughout the downtown area.


When the tunnel ?ooded, so did the basements of


buildings connected to it?some 272 in all, including that of major retailer Marshall Field?s.


The problem was ?rst noted at 5.30 am, when


a member of the Marshall Field?s trouble desk saw


water pouring into the basement. The manager of


maintenance was noti?ed and immediately took


charge. His ?rst actions were to contact the Chicago Fire and Water Departments, and Marshall


Field?s parent company, Dayton Hudson in Minneapolis. Electricity?and with it all elevator, computer, communication, and security services for the


15-story building?would soon be lost. The building was evacuated, and elevators were moved


above basement levels. A command post was set


up and a team formed from various departments,


such as facilities, security, human resources, public


relations, and ?nancial, legal, insurance, and support services. Later that day, members of Dayton


Hudson?s risk management group arrived from


Minneapolis to take over coordinating the team?s


efforts. The team?s goal was to ensure the safety of


employees and customers, minimize ?ood damage, and resume normal operations as soon as possible. The team hoped to open the store to customers 1 week after the ?ood began.


An attempt was made to pump the water out;


however, as long as the tunnel hole remained unrepaired, the Chicago River continued to pour back


into the basements. Thus, the basements remained


?ooded until the tunnel was sealed and the Army


Corps of Engineers gave approval to start pumping. Everything in the second-level basement was


a loss, including equipment for security, heating,






Part I



Philosophy and Concepts



ventilation, air-conditioning, ?re sprinkling, and


mechanical services. Most merchandise in the


?rst-level basement stockrooms was also lost.


Electricians worked around the clock to


install emergency generators and restore lighting


and elevator service. Additional security of?cers


were hired. An emergency pumping system and


new piping to the water-sprinkling tank were


installed so the sprinkler system could be reactivated. Measures were taken to monitor ventilation


and air quality, and dehumidi?ers and fans were


installed to improve air quality. Within the week,


inspectors from the City of Chicago and OSHA


gave approval to reopen the store.


After water was drained from Marshall Field?s


basements, damaged merchandise was removed


and sold to a salvager. The second basement had


to be gutted to assure removal of contaminants.


Salvageable machinery had to be disassembled


and sanitized.


The extent of the damage was assessed and


insurance claims ?led. A construction company


was hired to manage restoration of the damaged


areas. Throughout the ordeal, the public relations


department dealt with the media, being candid yet


showing con?dence in the recovery effort. Customers had to be assured that the store was safe. The


team overseeing the recovery initially met twice


a week to evaluate progress and make decisions,


then slowly disbanded as the store recovered.


This case illustrates crisis management, an


important element of which is having a team that


can move fast to minimize losses and quickly


recover damages. At the beginning of a disaster there is little time to plan, though companies


and public agencies often have crisis guidelines


for responding to emergency situations. When an


emergency occurs they then develop more speci?c, detailed plans to guide short- and long-term


recovery efforts.





1. In what ways was the Marshall Field?s ?ood


disaster recovery effort a project? Why are


large-scale disaster response and recovery


efforts projects?


2. In what ways do the characteristics of crisis


management as described in this case correspond to those of project management?


3. Who was (were) the project manager(s), and


what was his (their) responsibility? Who was



Case 1.2



Flexible Benefits System


Implementation at Shah Alam


Medical Center25



The senior management of Shah Alam Medical


Center decided to procure and implement a new


system that would reduce the cost and improve


the value and service of its employee bene?ts


coverage. The new system would have to meet


four goals: improved responsiveness to employee


needs, added bene?ts ?exibility, better cost management, and greater coordination of human


resource objectives with business strategies. A


multifunctional team of 13 members was formed


with representatives from the departments that


would rely most on the new system?Human


Resources (HR), Financial Systems (FS), and Information Services (IS). This team would ensure that


the departments? needs would be met. The team


also included six technical experts from the consulting ?rm of Hun and Bar Software (HBS).


Early in the project a workshop was held with


participants from Shah Alam and HBS to clarify


and ?nalize project objectives and develop a project plan, milestones, and schedule. Project completion was set at 10 months. In that time, HBS had


to develop and supply all hardware and software


for the new system; the system had to be brought


on-line, tested, and approved; HR workers had


to be trained how to operate the system and load


existing employee data; all Shah Alam employees



Chapter 1



assigned to the project team, and why were


they on the team?


4. Comment on the appropriateness of using


project management for managing disaster


recovery efforts such as this.


5. What form of project management (basic, program, and so on) does this case most closely





had to be educated about and enrolled in the new


bene?ts process; and the enrollment data had to be


entered in the system.


The director of FS was chosen to oversee the


project. She had the technical background, and had


previously worked in the IS group in implementing Shah Alam?s patient care information system;


everyone on the team approved of her appointment as project leader. She selected two team leaders to assist her, one each from HR and IS. The HR


leader?s task was to ensure that the new system


met HR requirements and the needs of Shah Alam


employees. The IS leader?s task was to ensure that


the new software interfaced with other Shah Alam




Members of the Shah Alam team worked on


the project on a part-time basis, spending roughly


half the time on the project and the other half


on their normal daily duties. The project manager and team leaders also worked part-time on


the project, although each gave the project priority. Shah Alam?s senior management had made it


clear that meeting project requirements and time


deadlines was imperative. The project manager


was given authority over functional managers


and project team members for all project-related





What Is Project Management?







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