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(Solved) Initial post has a minimum of 300 words and response to 2

Need the writing discussion answered and reply to 2 classmates that are attached. Discussion is 300 words. Reply to classmates 200 words each.

Initial post has a minimum of 300 words and response to 2 classmates 200 words.




The Internal Circulation Report, even though it is to be written in memo format, is a more


complex document than the previous memo that you wrote to the field manager. This


report is a type of incident report. Here is a useful description - as you watch this video, pay


particular attention to the description of the incident report:


Key Forms of Business Reports


Once you have watched the video, take a look at your assignment. You may see it here:


WA #3 -- the Report for Internal Circulation


Note the elements that your report memo must contain:


a) background and narrative of the situation;


b) findings - what went wrong, and how;


c) as a result of the findings, recommendations for changes in policies or procedures to


prevent the incident from occurring again.


Discuss the following:




What is the most important element of this report? Finding out what went wrong?


Making recommendations to prevent future occurrences?


How will you format your report (consult the options offered in the directions for this


assignment to answer this question)?





The purpose of writing an internal report to the president of the company is to provide them with


a detailed report of the incident. I think that the most important element of the incident report


would be the closing. The ending is where you state the recommendations for the changes in


policy and procedures, but most of all it states how to prevent something like this from


happening again. This would be the most important part to relay to the president of the company


because you want to assure her that this is not going to happen again.


The memo guideline that I would use to right the internal report would be the first option,


Matthew Ford?s advice on writing reports in memo format. I like this memo format setup


because it sections out the points being talked about, which makes it easier to read. Having the


memo organized this way makes easy to convey everything that you want to say to the audience.


The fourth option is another good choice because it is clear and easy to read. The organization


and structure of the memo is key to getting your point across to the reader.



I do not like the second and third options for writing the internal memo. The second option is just


a bunch of words together and I think that it would lose the attention of the audience. It would be


easier to read the memo if it was broken up into sections or even if it had some bullet points. I


find the third option to be very confusing by the way it is setup. It is not very clear with the way


the information is to be conveyed to the reader.


By using the guidelines for writing the internal memo given by Matthew Ford, I will be able to


convey my message to the president in a clear and concise format.





For this report, the field manager will have to consider that the findings and audience


could affect operations company wide. The president, Sara Robinson, as the initial


requestor will probably at a minimum circulate the findings to the management staff to


avoid repeating the situation.


Part A, the narrative, is important for the wider audience. While the president is aware of


the situation, the other members of Green Wave may not all be familiar with the situation


and request.


Part B, the findings, need to be presented as just the facts.Part C will cover how you


interpret the situation. The important part is to define the key breakdowns that occurred.


The situation happened and to obscure or embellish any information will not help the




Part C is where the writer?s opinions and recommendations can occur. For example in this


case, if there is a policy in place, how to make sure it is enforced or followed in the


future. There may be multiple root causes. Addressing all of them is important.


In this case, the president is likely more concerned with finding out what went wrong


than with Mark?s recommendations for fixing the situation.


The report format will follow the simple a, b, c paragraph structure outlined above. This


will not take long to research. Mark will at most have to interview two employees to find


out what happened. He may already be aware of many of the facts of the case




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