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(Solved) Directions: For this assignment, you'll be turning in the methods

Directions: For this assignment, you'll be turning in?the methods section of your term paper. The methods sections is very much like a recipe in cooking--it needs to be clear, direct, and detailed. Researchers from around the world should be able to read this section of?your paper and replicate the study exactly in their own labs. Your methods should include three subsections:

  1. Participants. Remember to include statistics about your participants--total number of participants, age, class standing, etc. ?DO NOT calculate the data based on the previous demographics exercise a few weeks ago that was made up data. In other words, you calculated SIMILAR DATA?in the?Excel Demographics Assignment. You will now use this semester's data to calculate at least?class status, relationship status, # of siblings, age, # online courses?(there is no gender) and anything else you believe should be in the demographics section. Modify the spreadsheet from the demographics assignment or make your own to calculate the demographics for this data set:?P211ClassData_F15-1.xls. *If you are going to modify the demographics assignment sheet, then make sure to use the insert --> cells function in order to keep the macros active to make the graphs, etc.
  2. Materials. Talk about the overall questionnaire: tell me the number of questions asked and tell me overall, what types of questions they were (open-ended, forced-choice, Likert-type, or semantic differential type). ?After that, talk about the specific questions relevant to your topic proposal and those questions assessed in the participants section above. For each question, list it exactly as it is written in the spreadsheet, tell me what type of question it is, and list the answer choices participants were given.
  3. Procedure.?Tell the story of how the data was collected. How did students access and respond to the survey?

Grading: Remember that a key component of the Methods section is?replicability--based on this section, could a different researcher replicate your study? Also keep in mind that this assignment must be turned in on time.?You might also take a peek at the assignment rubric:?MethodsRubric.pdf (attached)

Methods (15 points)-- Need to be able to replicate study


Participants: relevant descriptive information, how/where recruited, etc. (Up to 5 points)


o Number, gender, age, ethnicity


This would be a good place to provide means and other descriptive data to


describe your participants. This type of information could be summarized


using a table.


o Handedness, disability status, language


o SES, orientation, education level, experience at tasks similar to those in your




o Inclusionary/exclusionary criteria


o Whatever demographic is important to your experiment


o How were they recruited?


o Were they compensated for their participation: If so, how?


Materials: description of measure, how it is scored, meaning of scores (Up to 5 points)


o Describe your stimuli. (This will include the relevant questions from the survey!)


o What was used?


o How they were divided and identified?


o Identify words, frequencies and durations.


o How were they created or where did they come from?


o Cite if used in previous experiment or if created by someone else.


o How were they presented?


o What order were they presented in: random, counterbalanced?


o Were they given a chance to practice before you collected data?


Procedure: what the participants did (Up to 5 points)




o Describe what happened and in what order.


o Instructions, forms, vision test, etc.


o Events, their timing, and their order


o Number of trials, blocks, sessions


o What was measured?


o How was it measured and recorded?




o List the IVs and DVs


If applicable, how did you assign the participants to the levels of the IV?


o Did you make use of:




Random assignment


Within-Subjects design


Compare each participant to itself


Not as many participants needed for the same power.


Effects of taking the test more than once can be a problem


Between-subjects design





Participants exposed to, or treated with, or assigned to only one


level of the IV


Mixed design ? some between and some within


Control Group


o What was measured and how


o Summarize how you are planning to analyze your data.


o This is also where you would often indicate what statistical method you were


going to use, however that is not required for this paper.




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