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Write a marketing plan of Crest 3D Whitening toothpaste. The marketing plan should include:


I) Executive Summary


II) Financial Overview


III) Current Market Situation


a) Market Description


b) Product Review


i. Table A2.1 (Segment Needs and Corresponding Features/Benefits)


c) Competitive Review


i. Table A2.2 (Sample of Competitive Products)


d) Channels and Logistics Review


IV) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat Analysis


i. Table A2.3 (SWOT Table)


b) Strengths


c) Weaknesses


d) Opportunities


e) Threats


V) Objectives and Issues


a) First Year Objectives


b) Second Year Objectives


c) Issues


VI) Marketing Strategy


a) Product


b) Price


c) Place


d) Promotion


e) Position


f) Marketing Research


VII) Action Programs


VIII) Budgets


IX) Controls


X) Works Cited



use at least 6 acdemic refereces, no wikipedia, 12 font, double spaced, 15-20 pages.


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This question was answered on: Mar 12, 2016


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